Revisiting the Classics Project

Like most high school students, most of what I learned in the English classroom went in one ear and out the other.  We had more important things on our mind, after all, including boys, locker assignments, the football game and boys.  But now that I’m older and (allegedly) more mature, I’m going to revisit these literary standbys so as to gain a better appreciation of their worth and impact.  It’s time to rediscover what those English teachers were talking about.  I will take on this project twice a year.  For this project, I’ve read:


4 thoughts on “Revisiting the Classics Project

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  3. I am doing the same thing! I love going back and reading the greats and throwing myself into the ones I haven’t touched. If you can, read Rebecca (One of my all time favorites), Jane Eyre and Austen (if you haven’t yet).

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