Past Series

During my time here at Paperback Fool, I’ve enjoyed participating in several series, or themed blog posts, over the years. Many of these ran their natural course, others just fizzled out. Many of these series were organized using categories, but in an effort to keep things streamlined and less confusing, I wanted to organize these series here, for any to peruse them at will.

  • Literary DevotionalIn 2010, I bought The Intellectual Devotional,  book of daily “devotionals” from the world of literature, science, history, and politics. For the most part, I read my one devotional per day, and learned a lot. I shared the literary devotional entries (there were one a week) every Tuesday during that year.
  • Getting HitchedMy husband and I were married in September 2012, and for a time, I chronicled the enormous task that is planning a wedding. Enjoy!
  • Sunday SalonThere are still book bloggers who post a “Sunday Salon” every week, and to those, I salute you. I lost the willpower a few years ago, but I still wrote 50 of these bad boys, and they are part of my life at that time.
  • BooksellerAt various times in my life, I have worked at three different bookstores – Half-Price Books, Books-A-Million, and 2nd & Charles – and have lived to tell the tale.

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