Picking and choosing what to read is a challenge for even the most experienced, voracious readers.  Choices abound: new releases, or a favorite from a few years back?  Hardback, trade paperback, or e-book?  Nonfiction or fiction?  And that’s not even considering genre.

I’ve already talked about the kinds of books you’ll find me reading and reviewing here at Paperback Fool.  However, I have other goals in mind when I read besides consuming new fiction.  As I’ve mentioned before, I strive to educate myself daily, which means taking chances in my choices, and revisiting old favorites.  In order to ensure I accomplish these goals, I’ve devised several reading projects for myself.  These are self-guided, and I am beholden to no one should I slip up.

Big Book Project
Favorites Project
Revisiting the Classics Project


4 thoughts on “Projects

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