So, the characters in ‘The Historian’ go to Istanbul

And, this is the only thing I can think of. I hope it’s not an indicator of my maturity:


Book forts for the win

Every time I tried to write that title, I kept writing “book forts for the wine.” Well, nothing goes better with books than wine, that’s for sure. If only Joel hadn’t drunk the last of our box last night …

Oh, Mr. Bates

Spoken in Anna’s Irish brogue from Downton Abbey:

Also: who watched Youtube videos from Downton Abbey’s Christmas special (which already aired in England): this girl! Who knows how everything ends? Oh yeah, you guessed it. Plus, what’s up Season 3!

I’m really bad at suspense. But don’t worry; this picture doesn’t give anything away. It’s just awesome.

Awkward moment

Um, yeah. Awkward. Joel told me about this after we watched HP6 the other night, but seeing it…yeah.

First thought: Why is Rupert Grint wearing a shirt with what looks like Daniel Radcliffe on it?

Second thought: Do these guys seriously hang out together in frat basements?