Memories of Disney World

During the second week of May, J and I finally – finally – took our long-anticipated trip to Disney World. We’ve been talking about going to Disney World together apres kids for many years now. It always seemed we were too busy, didn’t have enough money, etc. But graduation from graduate school seemed like a good enough occasion, the timing was right, and our tax return gave us a little extra spending cash in the vacation department. So we went for it.

I won’t go into all the wonderful, fun times we had. I mean, come on, it’s Disney World. It’s the most magical place on Earth. Have I mentioned that I’ve never been? Yep, I definitely felt like a 10-year-old. All of my memories are precious.

I was listening to Pandora the other day, though, and this song came on, and it immediately brought me back to the Magic Kingdom, strolling down Main Street USA right before the park closed, with the lights twinkling. This song was playing, and as J and I held hands wearing our dorky Mickey and Minnie ears, everything felt just right. Those are the moments you always remember.

(By the way, this is one of the greatest scores from a Disney movie, ever.) (Don’t look, I might cry.)



Songs I’m obsessed with right now

Hey! Hey! Oh oh oh oh oh … So this song is basically on all the time on my “Hipster Cocktail Party” Pandora station, and I have absolutely no problem with that. Makes me want to swing my arms and snap like it’s the 50’s.

After I hang out with Dion, I’d like to go to any party thrown by Mayor Hawthorne.

The sounds of winter

I live in Michigan, and so winter is a very real, very cold, and often, very white and snowy, thing. When you go far enough north, winter is a feeling, a state of mind, a creature that lives in your bones. It’s an entity that must be confronted, reconciled with, and lived alongside for many, many months (more month than sometimes seems possible), until finally – unbelievably – spring always seems to reappear. For half a year we then manage to forget the cold and silence of winter, until it inevitably creeps back into our lives with its chill and whiteness.

Many people hate the cold, and thus hate winter, even those who insist on living in parts of the world where winter happens every year, without fail. I don’t understand those people, as I find that the easiest way to live in a space is to accept it for all that it is, and try to find the beauty and moments of quiet where they occur. And there’s plenty of them in winter, all of which are shrouded in a special sort of muffled silence that only happens when you’re deeply entombed in ice, snow, and extra blankets.

To break the silence, I’m loving these songs, picked by the folks over at Design*Sponge. They’re so great at finding just the right soundtrack for embracing the seasons (for example, songs for a fall weekend).


Music from 19, or: Why Belle and Sebastian rocks

These folks are going to be at the Royal Oak Music Hall next spring and I am PSYCHED. Can I just say that I am completely and utterly enjoying basking in my favorite music from college? So far, I’ve been to concerts featuring:

These dudes at Meadowbrook (I might…might…probably…have cried [a little] because this song brought me IMMEDIATELY back to 2005)

Let’s not forget what is arguably still my favorite band of all time, who came to the Filmore  few years ago. This album still reminds me of studying French at Shriver. And Nature Valley granola bars. And Naked Juice. College.

This song is far older than my college years, but anyone who knew me in college, ca. 2005-2009, KNOWS this song. Because it was my ringtone for FOUR YEARS. Probably the greatest song ever. I may (definitely) have listened to this song on repeat 10 times while at my internship today. Thank goodness for headphones. Now if you’ll excuse me…

Don’t take my heart, don’t break my heart, don’t-don’t throw it away.

Oh, to be 19 again.