Wedding Planner: I chose a hair piece for the wedding

Finally! It’s on its way. I hope I like it.


I lied. I am one of those people.

Ok, so in the few days that I vowed that “No, I will not be one of those people who take Instagram pictures,” I downloaded Instagram. And took a picture. And in a few minutes, I will post it on my blog. *Hangs head in shame*

Now, I’m over it. Just blame Joel — he’s a bad influence. My only consolation is that I’m tragically behind the times and for all I know, Instagram isn’t popular anymore.

But when you go shoe shopping after a terrible week, it’s hard to resist a shot of these beauties:

I went to DSW with the full intention of shopping for wedding shoes (update: I’m reconsidering purple shoes and am toying with the idea of … gold glitter heels!?!), but again, Joel is a bad influence.

Also on the wedding front, this weekend I made a test run of our “guestbook.” It’s actually not a book at all, but an art piece where people can sign their names … and we can display on our walls … Um, I found it on Etsy? Just forget my bad explanation; barring showing you my first attempt, here’s the inspiration:

I like it. 🙂

Wedding Planner: First dance song

Watching Juno last night while bedridden reminds me how much I love what will become the song for Joel’s and my first dance:

Was I supposed to keep that a secret or something? Who knows. Anywho, I painted the lyrics to Cat Power’s Sea of Love on some canvas last year, framed them and gave them to Joel as a present. They now hang above our bed, so really, I can’t think of any OTHER song that could be our first.

Although, kudos to our recently-hitched friends who picked this as their first song. Probably the best idea I’ve seen at a wedding so far:

By the way, The Wedding Singer fucking rocks. Greatest 80’s-movie-not-filmed-in-the-80’s ever.