Who I Am


Hi! I’m a 28-year-old who STILL feels like she’s still trying to figure out her place in the world. But then, I guess if you stop seeking, you’re not really living. Here’s the deets:

  • Have degrees in English, Journalism and a Certificate in Publishing. In spring 2015, I’ll have my Masters in Library Science.
  • Grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and now reside in a suburb of Detroit.
  • Have two cats, one husband, and no children.
  • Work at a library, and am a recovering bookseller and journalist.
  • Used to play one sport that I still love (soccer), and currently play another sport I’m obsessed with (roller derby). Every other sport kind of sucks.
  • Freely admit that Stephen King is my favorite author, though I’m still very picky about my reading habits.
  • Read a lot of literary fiction and backlist classics, and get a little annoyed when other bloggers slam these habits as SNOBBY.
  • Have the most terrible eyesight in all the land, and was wearing chunky, thick-framed glasses way before they were cool. Like, in 3rd grade.
  • Want to read more: science fiction and fantasy, non-fiction, and poetry.
  • Have a hard time getting into any kind of television show, and have never “marathon-ed” any show since Gilmore Girls.
  • Used to water flowers as part of my very first job. Sometimes, I think I should have made a career of it.
  • Am physically and mentally unable to “craft”.
  • Just started drinking coffee every morning. Now I have an espresso machine. I think I have a problem.
  • When I started this blog, I called myself a 20-something. But now that I’m closer to 30, I’m just going to call myself a…something.

2 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. I totally love this blog!! read Memory by neruda from here and then tried to snoop a bit around here and there…
    loved the name of your cats!! 🙂

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