Three mini-reviews

Pillars of the Earth
by Ken Follett

  • Genre: Fiction, Historical Fiction
  • Year: 1989
  • Project: n/a
  • Reading List: Fall 2015
  • Grade: D
  • Thoughts:

Was it possible for this book to get any worse? Yes. If Ken Follett managed to make it longer than the 973-page atrocity it already is. Terribly cliched, silly, atrocious writing. There might have been something of value in the historical veracity, but I was so distracted by ALL THE TERRIBLE THINGS. Worst grade I’ve given a book since starting this blog- totally deserves it.

Song of Soloman
by Toni Morrison

  • Genre: Fiction
  • Year: 1977
  • Project: n/a
  • Reading List: Fall 2015, 65 Books to Read in Your 20s, Newsweek’s Top 100 Books
  • Grade: A-
  • Thoughts:

This book didn’t resonate with me like some of Morrison’s other books, however its very searing realness did manage to imprint itself onto my mind in a very lasting way. The characters didn’t mean much to me, but the story of identity is one we can all identify with. Also, I will never be able to look at a tube of lipstick without thinking of a red puppy penis ever again – thanks Toni Morrison.

The Cider House Rules
by John Irving

  • Genre: Fiction
  • Year: 1985
  • Project: n/a
  • Reading List: Fall 2015
  • Grade: A
  • Thoughts:

There’s something so quintessentially fall about reading John Irving. Irving’s books feel like the rustle of dried leaves, cozy sweaters, and steaming apple cider. The fact that this book takes place partly at an apple orchard helps that feeling immensely. In all seriousness, John Irving’s books have always felt like a comfortable place for me, and escaping into his prose and stories is always a journey I don’t mind making. This was probably my favorite of his books I’ve read so far, and one of the best stories I’ve ever read prominently featuring abortion. An absolute must-read for those looking to explore the nuance of a difficult subject and the decisions we all make about our lives.


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