Read This: 100 Best Books of the Decade So Far

Given my penchant for reading older classics and backlist titles, I’m relieved that I’ve read at least a few of these books from this list put together by the Oyster Review, including two books from the top 10 (The Emperor of All Maladies and A Visit from the Goon Squad). This is actually a great list of titles I’ve really wanted to read, so I’ll probably be using this as a reading guide for quite awhile going forward. Because I don’t typically read “newer” books on a regular basis, I can’t speak to the ranking of these books, or comment on the books that are missing. However, this seems like a good mix of fiction and non-fiction, from a wide variety of writers. Since one of my overarching reading goals for the year (and going forward) is to read more recently-published books, as well as more quality non-fiction, this list is as good a place to receive inspiration as ever.

Keep up with my progress, and check out what I thought about the titles I read from this list, here.

read thisThe 100 Best Books of the Decade So Far from the Oyster Review



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