Getting my closet ready for spring + summer

Over the past year or so, my closet has grown slowly, and in fits and starts. Due to a relatively limited “home/beauty” budget – necessary with two people in graduate school and one person only working part-time – I haven’t had much expendable income to spend on clothes. Mainly, that money was spent on necessities, as well as other “me” purchases that took precedence over new shoes – shampoo, haircuts, make-up (damn, it’s expensive to be a woman).

However, with a new job and a relatively looser budget to work with, I’ve been having fun this month making up for months and months of austerity by joyfully picking out all the new pieces that will work into my spring and summer wardrobe. Now, I’m a believer in wearing what you have (over and over and over again), and don’t get me wrong, I don’t buy new clothes like this all too often. I still wear sweaters from high school, mind you. But with the weather turning warmer, and my supply of a short-sleeves and looser clothing coming up a little short, I knew it was time for a refresh.

As you can see, I have a preference for simple pieces in basic colors. My goal, when I shop and plan my wardrobe, is not to create individual outfits, but to build a total closet that can be mixed and matched to create dozens and dozens of outfits. Here’s what I’ll be wearing this spring and summer.

These comfy walk-around shoes:



I wanted to buy some Toms this year, but noooo, Toms had to go cancel my order at the last minute, making it impossible to buy them for my Disney trip. No matter! These super-awesome “on-the-go” shoes from Sketchers are amazing. (1) They look like Sperry’s but are not $1 million. (2) Whatever they’re made of, they’re waterproof and oilproof, and they don’t smell after you wear them all day with no socks. Score! (3) THEY HAVE YOGA MAT FABRIC IN THE BOTTOM! Suffice it to say, they’re ridiculously comfortable.

This white t-shirt


Because my go-to white t-shirt died a few years ago. I can’t believe I’ve lived this long without one.

This chambray top


Target for the win. Also, I need all the chambray, please.

These black sandals


The only black sandals I’ve had for the past few years are a pair of Born flip-flops. They’re awesome, but they’re not exactly appropriate for the summery days when you need fancier sandals. Enter this pair from Born. I’m picky with strappy sandals but these are just the right amount of straps and height. PLUS, they’re Born so they’re ridiculously comfortable. That definitely came with a higher price tag, but they’re worth it.

This white button-down


I wore my old white button-down from the Banana Republic into the ground, and so when I had to retire it for good (sad day), I knew I needed to replace it fast. I wear this kind of shirt all the time. Under things, with skirts, with jeans, by itself, casually, formally. For this purchase, I went straight to a quality store (JCrew) where I knew their button-downs fit me really well. Luckily, I found this guy on clearance for 50 percent off at the outlet. Score.

This black maxi skirt

maxi skirt

I was on the fence about max-anything for a long time. That was until I bought a maxi dress last summer and became obsessed with it (It’s like wearing pajamas all the time.). Now, I’ve moved onto this skirt, and I plan on getting a lot of wear out of it.

These shorts


I think it’s incredibly weird that the best shorts I’ve found in the past few years have been at Urban Outfitters. While 99 percent of their clothes seem made for 85-lb prepubescent girls, these are the first shorts I’ve found that actually fit my curves, while also covering enough of me to remind everyone that I am an adult. I own two pairs.

These wedges


OK, not these wedges exactly – these wedges except in canvas, not black. But still, will you look those? Aren’t they awesome? Isn’t it even more awesome that I found them at Forever 21 and they were, like, $25?? I know! Now, I know I am an adult who has since far exceeded my 21st year, and I have stopped shopping at Forever 21 for most of my clothes. However, my last pair of summery heels came from this store and inexpensive or not, they lasted forever, were super cute and comfortable. I didn’t anticipate buying a pair of wedges/heels this summer, but this pair is exactly what I’ve been lusting after on fashion blogs, and so I when I found such an inexpensive pair in my size, it was one those shopping-fate moments. You have to buy them. The universe demands it.


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