My new favorite way to spend the afternoon

photo 2

I never thought I would be the kind of person who would grow attached to an expensive, specialty kitchen appliance. I never thought I would be the kind of person that relied on “little luxuries.” And, to be honest, I’m not. I’m a simple person, with simple needs, and I don’t like the idea of owning a lot of stuff in order to meet those needs.

Until, J got me an espresso machine for my 28th birthday.

It was a complete surprise, and something I never thought I wanted. Neither of us has ever had any desire for a Keurig, mainly because we drink lots of coffee in the morning, and the little “one cup” at a time thing seemed…cute. We’re an 8 cups-a-morning household. Plus, an espresso machine just seemed so fancy, so European, so luxurious. We weren’t really those kind of people, were we?

photo 1

It took us a few weeks to figure out how to use our $100 machine (it wasn’t complicated, we’re just lazy). But now that we know, and now that we have a nice bag of Starbucks brand espresso ground coffee in the pantry, now…we’re hooked. Well, at least I am.

Did you know it takes less than a minute for this baby to preheat? And then, it’s only take a few seconds more to load it up, and then have a steaming hot mini cup of espresso?

Did you know that that mini cup of espresso is just divine with a small piece of dark chocolate, or some super-sweet cookies and cream fudge we bought in Frankenmeuth earlier this month?

Also, did you know that this little snack is just rich enough, and jam-packed with just enough caffeine, to satisfy those persistent late-afternoon, 4 pm, just-got-home-from-work snack cravings?

photo 3

Give me a book, and a couch, and half an hour, and I’m in heaven.

So I guess it’s true: I am one of those people.



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