Homemade, and inexpensive, art

We’ve been in our house for almost 9 months now, and while most of the simple decorating is done (paint on the walls, basic furniture pieces), there’s still an arena where I feel we’ve been horribly lacking: hanging pictures.

Mannnn, is that a pain in the butt. First, you have to agonize over what you want to hang. Picture we already have, vs. buying something new? Do we buy something cheap at Ikea or Target just to fill space, or do we wait to buy a legitimate piece of art that will require thought, patience, and time spent searching? How long do we bear empty walls??

Then, where do we hang it? Should we do a collage of mirrors over the buffet, or should we do something else? How do we fill this big empty wall in the guest bedroom that will, most likely, remain big and empty? If we might have to switch master bedrooms once we have a family, do we want to spent too much time hanging pictures in those two rooms, even if that’s a year or more away?

All that agonizing aside, I do think that hanging artwork and pictures should be a slow, personal experience. I think the art on your walls should reflect you, and your tastes, in a big way, and no one wants to have an Ikea/Target personality. We waited months before finishing the collage of pictures that now hang behind our couch because it was missing one, large piece to anchor the collection. I wanted that piece to mean something, and so we waited until my birthday in September, when J got me a print of Gustav Klimt’s “Tannenwald I” from the MOMA Store. It’s beautiful, fits perfectly with our decor and personalities, and reflects our love of modern art. I’m so glad we waited.

But still, sometimes you need something quick. Luckily, J is quite the talented amateur photographer, and has slowly been printing his best photos and framing them for the house. We still have more to frame, but things are currently coming along nicely.

A photo of the GM Tech Center in Warren, MI, during a gorgeous sunrise. Taken with J's iPhone!

A sunrise over suburban MI.

This is J's favorite photo that he took during our Europe honeymoon, depicting the tiniest orange car squeezing through an alleyway in Montmartre, in Paris.

This is J’s favorite photo that he took during our European honeymoon, depicting the tiniest orange car squeezing through an alleyway in Montmartre, Paris. Both these photos hang in our upstairs hallway, and will soon be joined by another Parisian pic of some colorful Vespas.

I’ve also joined the Pinterest- and Etsy-inspired bandwagon of “quote art”. To be fair, I created my first piece of “quote art” years ago after seeing a print of a song quote during a house tour on DesignSponge. I thought: “I have paint, and canvas….I can do that!” I created that first piece as a present to J, and then finished my second as 2-year anniversary present this past October. They now hang in our bedroom.

Obviously, they're homemade. But they were cheap and easy!

Obviously, they’re homemade. But they were cheap and easy!


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