For those that idealize married life in the 1950’s

Please read this report on decades’ worth of the “Can This Marriage Be Saved?” column from Ladies Home Journal, in which the author reveals jaw-dropping marital advice from the 1950’s-60’s (“Your husband is hitting you? Shut up so that you don’t provoke his temper!”). Seriously, if you don’t understand why feminism happened, then you don’t understand the blatent, and frankly disgusting, sexist standards American women were forced to live with during the 1950’s and 60’s. Then tell me that you want to return to the 1950’s. No thank you.

And if you think we have nothing to worry about now…well, you’re also wrong:

Of course, there are corners of US culture where being a so-called ‘surrendered wife’ is still a desirable goal. Socially conservative marriage commentators such as the evangelical Christian psychologist James Dobson of Focus on the Family and the US talk radio host Laura Schlessinger, continue to counsel wives to leave their desire for control behind in order to have happier marriages.

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