Currently: Dec. 17, 2013


Obligatory #catsofinstagram pic.

Time: 9:10 a.m.

Place: The living room, in my jammies, watching the snow outside on my morning off.

Reading: Believe it or not, I’m about halfway done with A Game of Thrones and I’m loving it. Despite its bulk, it’s a surprisingly quick read – largely because of how plot-driven the story is, but oh what a plot! It’s so easy to zip along, taking in a few short chapters at a time; anyone who claims the book is confusing because every chapter changes perspective are just dumb because it’s really not that hard to follow along. I’m waiting for a little more magic and fantasy, but I’m still enjoying the political intrigue and character development, and will just hold out for more magic later in the series. I mean, there’s dragons somewhere, right?

Cooking: Last week was my Christmas baking extravaganza, in which I made cookies, peanut butter/chocolate/pretzel candies, and brown butter rice crispie treats. Of course, due to some liberal sharing, everything is gone except for some of the candies (don’t worry, I’ll take one for the team here and make sure they’re consumed in a timely manner). I want to make some traditional Christmas sugar cookies, but that might have to wait til the weekend. Can you believe Christmas is NEXT WEEK? wtf.

Exhausted: Despite its relaxing start, last week became emotionally and physically exhausting very quickly. After a lovely day off Monday, I learned my grandmother passed away. After some quick schedule changes, I 1) worked Thursday, 2) drove to Cincinnati Thursday night, 3) attended a funeral and wake on Friday, 4) drove home Friday night, 5) worked 7-4 Saturday, 6) played roller derby Saturday night (MVP jammer again – woo!), 7) worked 7-4 on Sunday. On top of all that, let’s add Detroit’s first major snow storm and terrible driving conditions for nearly all of this. Our roller derby holiday party was Sunday night and despite the fact that our white elephant gift exchange is one of my favorite parts of the season, I couldn’t find it in me to go out yet again and skipped the festivities.

Looking Forward To: What will hopefully be a relaxing next few weeks. Tomorrow I’ll be enjoying the massage I received for my birthday – s0 excited. Roller derby is also done for the year, meaning a few weeks without practice. This Friday, Joel and I are going to spend some time in Ann Arbor getting acquainted with the engineering department at the University of Michigan, ahead of Joel’s first day of grad school in January. We’ll be hitting one up of A2’s more famous eateries for lunch, and then spend the evening at Detroit’s historic Redford Theatre for a showing of my favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas. Sunday is for Christmas cookies and maybe hitting up a mall for some last-minute Christmas browsing. It’s going to be great. Oh, and seeing The Hobbit, whenever we get around to that.

Annoyed: That my parent’s Christmas gift has not yet shipped. Grrr. Also, I have to work both Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas this year, meaning only a quick visit home for the holidays. Sigh.

Thankful For: The snow tires Joel put on my car right before our drive to Ohio last week – just n time for a lot of crappy snow driving. Of course, they don’t have rims (Joel insists I chose this feature but of that decision I do not recall), so my new pretty Cruze looks a little ghetto.

Anxious About: The house-hunting process. We found a simply perfect home that isn’t yet for sale, but will be listed sometime early next year, in one of our choice neighborhoods – and in our price range – and while it’s exciting, it’s also nerve-wracking. I can see this entire house hunting process being completely emotionally exhausting, and I’m worried it will be filled with disappointment. Of course, that’s also balanced by the excitement of finding our first home and making it our own, plus finally having the money to do so. Oh what a year 2014 will be …


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