Currently: December 9, 2013


Harper enjoying a lazy morning in bed, watching the snow (and the birds).

Time: 10:30 a.m.

Place: On the couch, listening to classical music and sipping coffee ahead of a very-much-appreciated day off.

Reading: I’m just about done with Ann Patchett’s Bel Canto, which I am enjoying immensely more than I thought I would. I’m excited to finish, though, because next up: Game of Thrones! It’s a little nerve-wracking (Will it live up to all the hype and all my expectations? Will I be one of those who can’t stand George R.R. Martin?), but also exciting because I haven’t explored a new fantasy series in probably 10 or so years, when I first picked up the Lord of the Rings series.

Cooking: Since I don’t have much to do today, but every other evening is busy this week, I’m planning on getting a lot of cooking done today. I’m thinking: homemade chicken noodle soup, sausage stuffed shells and a gnnochi bake for tonight. So delicious.

Excited About: The Hobbit premiere this Friday! It’s going to be rough, because I have to work at the store at 7 a.m. Friday morning, but still, so totally worth it because it’s The Hobbit and The Hobbit is awesome.

Anticipating: The arrival of all the Christmas presents I ordered! I have a few more things to pick up tomorrow, but then I’m ALL DONE. I did most of my shopping online this year, as opposed to previous years when I made my way to the shops and bought gifts in short bursts. However, that method always results in me procrastinating because, really, who wants to drive to the mall on an errand when that’s what 10,000 other people are doing on a Saturday afternoon? Also, working retail has left me jaded about the whole “Christmas shopping experience,” particularly my desire to deal with other shoppers. Shopping online gives you the freedom to browse and make decisions whenever you want – mall traffic free. There’s also incentives to buy a bunch of things at the same time to save on shipping. Anyway, I’m very satisfied with my gift-buying-decisions this year, and hope everyone loves them. I spent more than I anticipated, but then, that’s life.

Impatiently Waiting: For the arrival of my new Columbia coat! The tracking says it might arrive tomorrow, though it’s waiting at a post office a mere 5 miles away, so I’m hoping it comes today!

Looking Forward: To a day in my jammies and socks, hanging out at home. I am never off on Mondays (I usually close), so I’m not sure what to do with myself. The big thing is, I don’t have roller derby tonight, so I literally have the whole day free. This is a luxury of which I am unaccustomed to. The good news? Even though it’s the last week of the semester, I am THIS CLOSE to being done with all my finals, and so I reallhave nothing to do today. I’m thinking: 1) finishing the programs for the roller derby bout this weekend; 2) cooking; 3) exercising; 4) a long, hot shower; 5) coffee-sipping; 6) reading; 7) watching the goldfinches enjoy the birdfeeders outside our living room window; 8) root for more snow. I mean, what good is a day off with nowhere to go if you can’t be pleasantly snowed in?


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