Winter is a time for catching up on old reading lists

It’s December, our Christmas tree is up, it’s cold, wet and gloomy outside, and so yep, it’s winter. I find that I don’t mind winter the older I get, age, I guess, coming with a desire for warm drinks, socks and snuggles on the couch. I know that the gray, gloomy weather can get folks  down – I know people for whom mild seasonal depression is an issue – and in Michigan especially, the winter seems to stretch on forever. But yet, there’s a certain stoicism to winter, a sleeping time, a resting time, an austere and formal time. It’s a time to turn inward and reconnect with what makes you tick, rather than throwing yourself into the buzz of activity that accompanies spring, summer and fall.

I tend to get a lot of reading done in winter … for obvious reasons, and I’m hoping this winter is a good one, because I have plans. Big plans. Like, George R.R. Martin-sized plans. That’s right, I want to tackle Game of Thrones, and this winter – specifically, the weeks right after the semester is over – seemed like the perfect time. I also plan on hitting up big titles on some reading lists that have been hovering around for awhile – I’m looking at you, 25 Books to Read Before You’re 25. I’m 27 now, d’ya hear? 27! I’ll also be revisiting My Antonia by Willa Cather – the only book I’ve ever stopped reading because I disliked it. Ever.

But there’s some fun, new stuff on there. I want to see what all the fuss is about with Tinkers and I can’t wait to usher in the spring with my favorite new buddy, Bill Bryson, and what many consider his masterpiece, A Walk in the Woods.

  • Bel Canto — Ann Patchett
  • Game of Thrones — George R.R. Martin (Big Books Project)
  • The Postmistress — Sarah Blake
  • Lit — Mary Carr
  • My Antonia — Willa Cather (Revisiting the Classics)
  • Siddhartha — Herman Hesse
  • The Emperor’s Children — Claire Messud
  • Tinkers — Paul Harding
  • Walk in the Woods — Bill Bryson

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