Monday Update: Nov. 25, 2013

Time: 8:53 a.m. – ah! I have to leave for work in 30 minutes! Boo!

Place: The living room couch, hanging out with the husband because he’s OFF work this week. How lame.

Consuming: Some coffee. Since I last posted one of these, I have become (gasp!) a home coffee drinker. I know, the end of the world must be nigh. I mix a little bit of sugarless caramel syrup and milk into my coffee, and bam! Drinkable coffee at home! I used to pride myself on not needing caffeine in the morning, but now I look forward to my small cup of coffee in the morning. And it is a small cup, not a mug. I can’t take all that coffee yet.

Reading: I managed to finish three books since I last wrote an update, including The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks a few days ago. Now I’m onto The Razor’s Edge by Somerset Maugham, which I picked up at the library on a whim, rearranging my reading schedule yet again. This will be the last book I read during my “fall” reading list, though who knows when I’ll be finished.

Stressed About: Why might I not finish a book soon? Grad school, that’s why. I have a paper and presentation due in a week, plus a group project due in another class, and when do I have to work on it? Oh, only the week of Thanksgiving (when we travel) and Black Friday (when I have to work). Every day of my life is meticulously planned out for the next three weeks, but it’s still stressful.

Dreading: Black Friday and this Saturday. Ugh. Working in retail during the holidays is a sure-fire way to lose faith in humanity, and I’m already tired of mean, angry, impatient shoppers. Also, I’m still annoyed my store is open ON Thanksgiving…during the DAY. And so, yeah, If You Shop on Thanksgiving, You Are Part of the Problem. And I hate you.

Really Dreading: Jury duty during the first week of December, also known as finals week. I mean, are you serious?? Hopefully I’ll get some reading done.

Excited About: As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am very happy with my time not owning a smartphone, but I have finally re-joined the world of smartphone ownership. We were finally able to activate my new iPhone 4s (which was free with my husband’s upgrade) yesterday, and I’ve been busy remembering which apps I like and playing with ringtones. The problem is, I can’t really remember the apps I like and I’ve been so technologically un-hip for so long, I can’t remember how to integrate the phone into my life again. Joel was surprised I hadn’t bragged on Facebook or Twitter about having an iPhone again, but I can’t see why it’s a big deal. Now, I need a case.

Not Looking Forward To: I naively offered to run the Cincinnati Turkey Trot, a 10K, this Thanksgiving and I’m already cold just thinking about it. OMG guys, it’s soooooo cold out there. What was I thinking??


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