Monday Update: Nov. 4, 2013

Time: 7:30 a.m.

Place: Where else? Still laying in bed, in my jammies. In my defense, I woke up 30 minutes ago.

Consuming: I’m not sure of what I’ll be eating for breakfast or for dinners this week, but I I know what I should NOT be consuming: the bag of discounted Halloween candy we bought on Friday. But there’s Reese’s! And Kit Kat bars! And Whoppers! How can you not eat all your favorites when they’re in one unhealthy bag?

Reading: I finished Dracula yesterday….yes! I’m going to try to write a review of that today before work, as well as start my next book: Mambo Kings Sing Songs of Love. Another Pulitzer Prize winner – so excited! Plus, hopefully there will be NO vampires, which is a good thing.

Avoiding: Making all those doctor’s appointments, including some check-ups for the cats. Man, taking both cats to the vets is such an ordeal. However, our boy cat has been snoring a lot lately, and I need to make sure he’s just being adorable and not, you know, sick or something.

Loving: The leaves are PEAKING right now, with my commute lined with the most intense reds, yellows and oranges I’ve seen in awhile.

Not Loving: The cold. It was 34 degrees yesterday at 8 a.m. when I left for work, and 40 degrees when I left at 5:30. Scraping ice off my car in the morning = not cool. In fact, I constantly have this song in my head now:

Constantly Thinking About: School, school, school. On Friday, I spent three hours at a local university library “observing” at the reference desk. It wasn’t as nerve-wracking as I thought, though the desk wasn’t busy and I know the librarians felt the need to talk to me the entire time. Which was fine, because I had some wonderful, informative conversations! But at the same time, the worst thing for this introvert is to feel that others have an obligation to talk to you, which just heightens the awkwardness. Three hours down, though, six more to go.

What I’m Happy I’m Not Doing: Covering elections! This is the first fall since 2010 that I wont have spend driving from polling station to polling station in our small town, asking disinterested voters, “So, what do you really think about *insert random small town issue here*??”

Annoyed: That I was called to jury duty…again! In August, I was called the first week of September, but I was excused until December 2, they said, since I argued I was starting my new job and was traveling for on-the-job training, which was true. But then, ANOTHER district court called me to be “on call” for jury duty for two weeks in October. I was never officially called in, but I did call every few days to check my status. But now, that OTHER court is still calling me for my December 2 date, which is now even MORE inconvenient because it’s right in the middle of finals week. I wonder if they’ll excuse me again?

Looking Forward To: Being off ALL next weekend! On Satuday, Joel and I will be running in my first real 5K, the Mustache Dache in downtown Detroit. Then, I’m just going to enjoy the weekend because goddamit, I’ve worked 8-5 both Saturday and Sunday for two weekends now. The store can just deal without me this weekend.

REALLY Looking Forward To: My public library’s bi-annual book sale, which is THIS WEEKEND! Ah! This is the greatest library book sale I’ve ever seen, with legitimately good books all on sale for $1-$2. Seriously, $1 for a trade paperback! Even though I’ve still got a ton of books I haven’t read around here, I can’t wait to bring home 10-12 more. The question is: go once, or go twice? Monday is bag day, after all.  Here’s my haul from the spring sale in May.


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