Revisiting college, revisiting Death Cab

I don’t like to think that I was angst-y or emo in 2005, that pivotal year when I graduated from high school, became a college freshman and Death Cab for Cutie released their fifth album, “Plans”. But damn it, I was introspective. Reflective. Full of so many thoughts. Many of which involved being annoyed at my roommate’s boyfriend, spending too much time talking to my own boyfriend on cell phones without texting capabilities, finishing french homework at the student union, listening to my iPod, discovering what it means to be alone (and that it’s really hard to make new friends)…and being OK with it. Ah, the days of being 19.

Sorry for the flashback, but someone posted a Death Cab song on Facebook tonight and OMG IT ALL CAME BACK. I mean, how can you deal with these lyrics?

If there’s no one beside you when your soul embarks
Then I’ll follow you into the dark.

I can’t lie: when we saw Death Cab in concert this past summer, I cried. Now that my car has a working CD player again, I need to dig up some mid-2000-era CDs STAT.


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