Monday Notes: Oct. 28, 2013

carsTime: 8:30 a.m.

Place: My warm bed, still in my jammies. I love closing on Monday nights…no early Monday mornings!

Consuming: Some water at the moment, though I’m considering some oatmeal for breakfast this morning.

Reading: I’m almost halfway through Dracula and let me tell you: it’s already 100 percent better than The Historian. WAY WAY better. This is the perfect book with which to get in the Halloween spirit, and I can honestly say that parts have already creeped me out. You just can’t mess with the original.

Homemaking: After the fury of last weekend, my homemaking/baking/cooking craze has calmed down a bit, largely due to the fact that I worked all weekend and I’ve got another busy week ahead of me. However, I’m already looking ahead to November and at the list of chores I want to finish before the “fall season” unofficially ends. I need to make some doctor’s appointments and donate some stuff before we’re snowed in for winter. Because the snow is coming, folks. In fact, it’s already arrived. Just wait.

Can’t Believe: That I have a NEW CAR sitting in our parking spot! Last week, we bit the bullet and bought me a brand new 2013 Chevy Cruze Eco and I can’t be more excited.  I mean, it’s new. I’ve never had a new car. And it’s red, and shiny, and has lots of fancy buttons, and it drives perfectly, and there are no problems, and I get good gas mileage, and…and…and. We got it for a heck of a deal – essentially, we got $8,000 taken off the list price after Joel’s GM discounts and the trade-in value for my Malibu, so we would have been stupid not to buy.

Nervous About: I’ll be doing my first reference desk observation this Friday at a local university library – as part of a final project for one my MLIS classes – and I’m a little nervous. Here’s to hoping I don’t make a fool of myself.

Thankful For: Roller derby. I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately with derby, what with everything going on last month and then trying to force myself into a normal, less-stressful routine. I let roller derby practice fall to the wayside, didn’t go to a tournament with my team, and the longer I stayed away, the harder it was to imagine going back. But after about two weeks of no practice, I forced myself to go last night and I’m so glad I did. I love those ladies like a second family, skating feels good, I laugh, I exercise and I feel better every time I hit the track. Granted, it’s tough balancing my schedule: roller derby takes a significant chunk of whatever free time I have between my full time job and grad school classes. And it takes a toll on my personal life and my relationships. I still have to cut back on some practices if I want to retain my sanity, but I’m definitely not ready to give it up altogether.

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