Sunday Notes: Oct. 20, 2013

Time: 4:07 p.m.

Place: My office, taking a break from some chores and escaping the sounds of football on the downstairs TV.

Consuming: Water and some homemade hummus and pita chips I made yesterday. I know, I’m kinda domestic. But hey, why NOT make your own hummus when you finally own your own food processor, which makes the entire process ridiculously easy. And it’s cheap. And delicious. Nom nom nom!

Reading: Still working on The Historian, though I pretty much spent the entire day yesterday in my PJs, reading under a blanket, so I’m ALMOST done. I’m still fatigued by the terrible over-writing, but at this point, I just have to find out what happens. I mean, I’m near the end. Something has to happen, right?

Watching: Last night, we watched Beasts of the Southern Wild because I heard it was good, and well…wow. It was GOOD, making me all sobby face right before bed. The young actress who plays Hushpuppy…just wow. Also checked out from the library and waiting for our DVD player: Thor. We have varied tastes.

Homemaking: So besides the homemade hummus and pita chips, I’ve been on a homemaking tear lately. Today I’m making…wait for it…homemade cinnamon bread. I know, right? I’m also hoping that the pretzel dough I made quite awhile ago works out for me today so that I can make these for dinner tonight. In addition, Joel and I bought some new pillows today, something that DESPERATELY needed to happen. Ikea, your comforters are OK. But your pillows…well, your pillows pretty much suck.

Excited about: Carving a pumpkin tonight with my boy! Hooray for getting in the Halloween spirit! Also, last month may have been our 1-year wedding anniversary, but this Wednesday is Joel and my NINE YEAR anniversary of being together.

Thankful for: That husband of mine. 🙂 Even though he sprained his foot/ankle yesterday running his very own half-marathon, he voluntarily switched out my skate wheels and cleaned my bearings this afternoon. I gotta say, I snagged a good one.

Nervous/Anxious about: Speaking of this Wednesday, I may or may not be buying a BRAND NEW car this week! Eek! My car is slowly dying, and so we’re hoping to use Joel’s GM family discount and the trade-in value of my Malibu to buy a brand new car, specifically a 2013 Chevy Cruze. I’ve never owned a new car in my life, so I’m excited about that. However, I worry about dealing with a  car dealership and having a monthly car payment again (I just paid off that stupid Malibu). Plus, I might be kind of sad to see my white Malibu go.

Annoyed about: If I get called to jury duty in the next two weeks. I’m on call to do my civic duty for the next two weeks, which means I have to randomly call in with my juror number to see if I have to come in. Luckily, I’m in the clear until Wednesday, but I’m going to be annoyed if I have to go in.


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