Monday Notes: Oct. 14, 2013


A pumpkin patch is the best medicine.

Time: 10:09 a.m.

Place: My sunny office, where I’m forced to keep a window open even though the heat is on. The sun shines in directly almost all day, making it a warm, friendly place to work where the sun is nearly always in your eyes.

Consuming: Water at the moment, though we have so much delicious food and drink downstairs, I don’t even know what I want for lunch.

Reading: I started The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova a few days ago, and it’s going OK. I rearranged my reading schedule so that I could fit it in before Halloween, since I knew it was a spookier tome, plus I knew some book bloggers hosted a readalong of the book for RIP VIII. To be honest, I’m not super impressed so far, though I think it’s funny that I chose to read Dracula this fall as well, not knowing that The Historian is all ABOUT Dracula. Maybe I’ll read Dracula next to actually get me in the Halloween spirit.

Happy to be: A littler saner, a little calmer. After the madness that was September and early October, the past few weeks have been spent reclaiming my old life little by little. Whether that’s finishing schoolwork EARLY (instead of right on deadline), exercising, cooking and finding time to read, it’s been wonderful rediscovering that my life doesn’t have to be busy and stressful 24/7. Last week, I had a grand total of THREE days off during the week (though I had to work over the weekend), giving me the time I needed to catch up for good as well as enjoy the season. On Friday, Joel took the day off with me and we went to a local farm for some apple-picking and the best cider donuts on the planet. Michigan is beautiful right now, it was a perfect fall day, and I think it was just what I needed.

Cooking: Lemon fusili pasta is on the menu for tonight, though this Friday, Joel and are going to try making some homemade hummus and falafel. We’ve done falafel before, though the last time was before we had a real food processor. Here’s to hoping mixing everything is easier than doing it in a spice grinder.

Planning: Now that I’m caught up on life, I’m throwing myself into some fall chores, including finally donating all our old clothes, laptops and cell phones. Things are moving along (we’ve both cleaned our closets), but now I need to mobilize and actually go to the tailor and donation bin. I also need to find somewhere to donate our computers.

Thinking about: Some personnel issues at work. I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned as a manager so far is that you can’t be everyone’s friend, and no matter your intentions, you can’t make everyone happy. SIGH. Life lessons.

Anticipating: A weekend off! Woo! I’m not sure what’s on the agenda this weekend, though I might be walking in a breast cancer walk with the roller derby team on Saturday. Other than that, I’m hoping to just veg out with Joel, bake apple-related treats and read.


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