The month that was September, aka, why I stopped blogging

So, what’s up blogging? It’s been more than a month since my last post here, but I can’t say I’m surprised.  September was absolutely bonkers for me, and I had little to no time for anything that wasn’t working, grad school, weddings and a little bit of roller derby. I barely exercised. I only haphazardly cleaned my house. And, unfortunately, I was able to set aside very, very little time for pleasure reading.

That’s a sad statement to make, especially coming from an avid reader who professes to be “obsessed” with books, but it’s true.  It’s hard to think that anything could get in the way of reading, but when you’re opening a bookstore, have assignments piling up and commitments pulling you in ten different directions at once, whatever you do in your “free time” is sacrificed. For me, that was reading (and thus, blogging). I think the lack of reading (and relaxation) time made an already stressful time even more stressful, which was also unfortunate. But that’s a catch-22 I just couldn’t avoid.

And so, before I review Jane Eyre (which took me the ENTIRE month of September to finish), here’s a quick run down of what kept me busy last month:

  • This was technically in August, but I spent three days in Hoover, Alabama training for my new job as buying manager at Michigan’s first 2nd & Charles.
  • I had most of the Labor Day weekend off, then dived into training our store’s new buyers, spending two full days in a hotel conference room. Exhilarating.
  • On Sept. 7, “project” started. “Project” is the term used to describe the mad one to two week rush to set up a store before it opens. For two weeks, until Sept. 19, I worked 8-12 hour days, everyday, unloading boxes of books, alphabetizing, setting up displays, checking in merchandise and generally being a tired, stressed out mess. The team sent to help our staff set up and train were not the easiest to work with, and we managers were at the end of our ropes half the time. I fought for ONE day off during that two week period, most of which was spent madly catching up with the schoolwork I had neglected.
  • The store opened Sept. 19 and we still haven’t figured out all the kinks yet. It was upsetting not being able to answer my staff’s questions, and I worried that my buyers thought their boss was a clueless idiot. Things are better now, but there’s still a lot we don’t know. Luckily, I really like my staff and most days, I love coming to work. And I love that it can’t come home with me.
  • My 27th birthday was on the 21st, which meant first work, then a roller derby bout in the evening. Because of everything above, I’ve barely been making practices, but I played pretty damn well and snagged the MVP Jammer award – my first at home! That was a great birthday present, but my “boring year” birthday was also marked by Happy Birthday banners, new skate wheels (the Juke 88’s I’ve been coveting!), a massage, a new Miami shirt from my bestie, a raspberry chocolate tart and SO MANY CUPCAKES.  I am loved.
  • Last weekend, Joel and I traveled to Cincinnati for our good friends’ wedding. Joel was in the wedding, and we stayed in a downtown hotel, which was exciting. However, there was that four hour drive to come home…ugh.
  • The day after the wedding was Joel and my one year anniversary, which, I’ll just say, was a mighty special , wonderful day. 🙂 I won’t say more because keeping that part of your life secret is one of the many joys of loving someone else as deeply as I love my Joelly. Let’s just say, it’s been an exciting first year of marriage, and I can’t wait to go on many, many more adventures with him.
  • In true honor of the one-year anniversary of our European honeymoon, I came down with a wicked sinus infection last week. Just like those two weeks in Paris and Germany, I alternately felt like throwing up, my throat hurt, my eyes watered and I couldn’t stop the snot (at one point, I just didn’t need to blow my nose, I needed to blow my entire face). I’m finally over it, but at one point, I thought to myself: “All I want to do now is lay around and moan in bed. How in the heck did I climb a mountain in Germany, tour the gardens of Versailles in the rain, and walk around one of the largest art museums in the world feeling like THIS?”
  • And finally, yesterday was our LAST wedding of the year. Of course, there were two ceremonies (including a Catholic mass at 1 pm, and a “cowboy” ceremony at 5:30) and one reception, which meant an entire. day. of. weddings. Since it was too far to drive home in-between, Joel and I did get to spend some time having a “fall date” at one of our favorite small towns in Michigan, Plymouth, eating pasta on the patio, checking out a display of scarecrows and having coffee at one of my favorite coffeeshops in Metro Detroit, Plymouth’s Coffee Bean.

I’m already starting to “catch up” with my life. My boss is making up for our lack of days off at the beginning of September, giving us a whopping THREE days off during one random week. This week is my week, and I’m off Monday, Wednesday AND Friday. What the heck am I going to do with myself? Probably homework and cleaning, but also all the things my body and soul needs to recover from four stressful weeks: sleep, warm apple cider, shopping, apple picking and pumpkin patch visiting, cooking and READING.


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