Sunday Update: Aug. 25, 2013

Time: 7:04 pm

Place: Our frigid living room. When we returned from a week away on vacation earlier today, we came into a FREEZING house and a thermostat that refused to work. Even though we set the thermostat to 75 degrees before we left last week, something goofed while we were gone and turned our townhouse into Antarctica. Apparently, thermostats have batteries and they can die, which is what happened. Now we’re just waiting for the downstairs to stop being 61 degrees.

Happy for: Being home. Our vacation at Kentucky’s Red River Gorge was absolutely awesome, filled with lots of beautiful hikes, relaxing pool time and plenty of empty hours perfect for reading on the porch with a jelly glass of wine at your side. We then spent two nights in Cincinnati with the family, and are now FINALLY home, unpacked, showered and almost back to normal. We are so tired, but so, so, so happy to be home (and so are our cats, who are free from five hours in their cat carriers).

Consuming: Marinating in the fridge is some sweet and spicy tofu, which we’ll be eating later tonight with these awesome Asian sesame noodles. After a week of eating horribly, Joel and I are cutting out meat and most carbs this week, which means lots of veggies and tofu. Ugh, feeling so fat.

Reading: Vacation gave me the time I needed to finish The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, which was EXCELLENT. I need to write a review soon, but I’m still letting The Goldfinch wash over me. Next up on the reading list: Fall 2013 is officially here! Well, the season isn’t, but August is essentially over so I’ll be starting my fall reading list. Stay tuned for another post on that.

Watching: My brother let me borrow Silver Linings Playbook when we were home, and I am SO EXCITED. I’ve seen it, and love it, but Joel hasn’t so we’ll be watching it tonight with dinner.

Anticipating: This week, I officially start my new job as Buying Manager at 2nd & Charles, which means another job fair on Tuesday. And then on Wednesday, they’re shipping me off to Birmingham, Alabama for some training at one of their flagship stores. This wouldn’t be bad, except I have to go by myself. Boo.

Not looking forward to: Going downstairs to change the laundry. Cold, cold basement floor.


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