Monday Update: Aug. 12, 2013

Time: 10:04 am

Place: My living room, listening to classical music while the cats sleep and rain comes down outside.

Consuming: Just finished a leftover cinnamon roll from yesterday’s breakfast…mmm, cinnamon roll. So bad for you, and so so good. I gotta work tonight, and Joel just left for a double shift ending late tonight as well, so dinner will most likely be some orange chicken and veggies I whip up this morning.

Reading: Last week was a good week for reading: I finished The Song of RolandLe Petit Prince and Quiet by Susan Cain. Now I’ve moved on to an ARC of The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, which I snagged at work before anyone could (literally) see it. Seriously, I’m responsible for unloading shipment and so I get the first peek into our store “mailbox” that arrives every week. Sometimes, we don’t receive anything from publishers. Sometimes, we get gems like The Goldfinch. I’ve been hearing a lot about this book on the book blogosphere, and so I was excited to read it. I’m loving it so far, though I foresee this book taking up the rest of my break from school – it’s more than 700 pages long and Tartt requires you slow down while reading and really savor the language.

Watching: I rented some new movies from the library, but unbeknownst to me, they only had a three day check-out period with no renewals. Wah-wah. And I really wanted to re-watch Django Unchained…I think we’ll have to buy that movie anyway. Officially one of my favorite Quentin Tarantino films.

Homemaking: Not too much on the homemaking front, except for trying out a new recipe for orange chicken today, as well as whipping up a batch of one of my favorite homemade soups: sharp cheddar and cauliflower soup. SO GOOD.

Excited About: There’s a lot going on in the next week, so who knows when I’ll be able to return with an update like this. On Saturday morning, I drive up to Traverse City to meet my roller derby team for a bout against the TC Cherry Bombs. I wasn’t able to travel to Traverse City last year because I had to cover the Woodward Dream Cruise on the same day. Roller derby + beautiful Traverse City + some of my favorite ladies + missing the Dream Cruise this year = awesome.

I drive straight home Sunday morning, take a quick shower, pick up Joel, our luggage and the cats and then we’re heading down to Cincinnati, where we’re staying for a night before heading down for our week-long vacation at Natural Bridge State Park in Kentucky. Phew. It’s going to be a long weekend, but I am SO looking forward to a week of hiking, swimming, reading at our rented cabin, being away from technology and just relaxing with Joel. SO EXCITED.

Then, the following week, I’m back in Michigan and officially start my new job as Buying Manager at 2nd & Charles. I have no idea what’s happening, but I go on salary starting next week:




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