Sunday Update: Aug. 4, 2013

Time: 9:45 p.m.

Place: The living room, watching Family Guy with my man.

BIG NEWS: I had to move this up a few places because, well, it’s AMAZING. On Friday, I was offered the Buying Manager position at the first 2nd & Charles to open in Michigan. 2nd & Charles is the used bookstore chain owned by Books-A-Million, and they’re opening a new store north of Detroit this fall. I’ll be in charge of the store’s buying department, including all the buyers, and I CAN’T BE MORE PSYCHED. What I can’t get over is that I landed this job due to my experience at Half-Price Books and Books-A-Million, two “lowly” retail jobs I took to make some cash/because I couldn’t find any other “real” jobs. Now, I’m a manager (with a salary) at what looks to be an awesome store. I’ve been in celebration mode for two days.

AND, to make it even better, the assistant manager at my current store is coming with me as the Book Manager. I love her, so can we say awesome? AWESOME!


Eating: Just finished a nice slice of ice cream cake…mmm, there is nothing better in the summer than homemade ice cream cake made with Michigan cherry cobbler ice cream.

Drinking: Just finished a glass of wine because I just came home from work, and yeah, relaxation.

Reading: This week, I finished The Complete Stories by Flannery O’Connor, which was excellent. Now I’m working on two very different, very difficult and very French books. When I need something easy (like during my lunch break at work), I’ll be reading The Song of Roland, a French heroic poem based on the Battle of Roncesvalles in 778. I picked the book up for a song during our library’s biannual book sale, so why not? Meanwhile at home, I’ll be working on translating Le Petit Prince…in French. It was the only copy my library had but you know what? I’ve been meaning to read a book in French to better hone my French skillz (however many I have), and what better book to do so than with an iconic French children’s tale?

Watching: Joel and I rented My Neighbor Tortoro, a Miyazaki film, and Sherlock Holmes, as part of my Robert Downey Jr. obsession. We’ll see if it’s Downey or just Tony Stark that I love.

Studying: School is officially OUT on break! Wooo! It’s weird not having any reading or lectures to watch, though I’m hoping this new job (which is officially salaried at 40 hours a week) will mesh with school and a social life.

Homemaking: The homemade pretzel bits were officially a SUCCESS. They really weren’t that hard to make, with the dough made up of only a few ingredients, the kneading done in the Kitchenaid, and the cooking process made up of 30 seconds of boiling and 10 minutes of baking. They were perfect with fondue last night.

Excited About: After getting that new job, I’m just high on life right now. So many of my concerns about my “career” and my bank account are clearing up. I don’t want to focus on money too much, but while I won’t be making near what I made as a journalist for AOL, I’ll be making twice what I make now … and that will make a huge difference. I can start saving for a car again! I can put more away for a house. I can start paying for some of our bills again. I can go shopping! It doesn’t hurt that I’ll be happier with this job as well. Life is good.


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