Stephen King’s Family Business, from ‘The New York Times’

YOU GUYS. This is amazing, and Stephen King is my favorite, and I don’t even know if I can pull out one quote but I’ll try:

Circus performers, klezmer musicians — those are the kinds of entertainers we usually expect to see in a family business, not writers. There are a few exceptions — children of successful writers who have bravely followed their parents. Martin Amis (son of Kingsley) is perhaps the best-known example, but Rebecca Miller (daughter of Arthur) and Ted Heller (son of Joseph) have also published, more quietly, well-reviewed novels. But for sheer volume of books, cultural impact and accumulated readership, none of those families come close to the Kings. The closest comparison would have to be the Brontës, and even they maxed out at a paltry three published novelists, plus one dissipated poet.

Stephen King’s Family Business, New York Times

You really should just read it all.

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