Sunday Notes: July 21, 2013

Time: 5:52 pm

Place: The dining room table, as I monitor dinner and hang out with Joel.

Eating: I keep grabbing illicit bites of some roasted cauliflower that I made for dinner tonight, which is currently sitting on the stove while the salmon cooks. SO GOOD and I CAN’T STOP.

Drinking: Water, though I’m hoping some vino is in my future tonight.

Reading: I’m still making my way through my Big Book of the Summer: The Odyssey. I am so close to being done, it’s almost frustrating. Odysseus is in the house, the shooting contest with the suitors is about to begin, he’s so close to revealing himself to Penelope…ah! I was hoping to finish it today, but I got wrapped up in some cooking and laundry. Oh, domesticity.

Watching: Last night, Joel and I went out with some friends we haven’t seen in forevers to see Pacific Rim, which was … entertaining? Lots of corny one-liners, plus robots fighting giant alien monsters. What a night. Plus, this.

Studying: The end of my first semester of grad school is nigh! I can’t believe that week 12 is about to start, and all I have to look forward to is a little bit more reading, a little bit more writing, a final exam in my computer class and putting together an e-portfolio. Of course, I have yet to schedule out my studying time this week, which is always stressful, no matter what.

Homemaking: I am pretty darn proud of myself with all the cooking I accomplished this afternoon. Joel and I are trying to make a real effort at healthy eating, and so we brought home a whole mess of veggies from the store today. Today I: made homemade enchilada sauce and put together some vegetarian enchiladas, which are now chilling in the freezer for tomorrow; roasted some cauliflower; made roasted salmon; and made a lemon and basil dressing for a quinoa salad we’ll be eating on Tuesday and Wednesday. Phew.

Excited About: On Saturday, Joel and I will be going to the Ypsilanti Beer Festival with some of his friends, which is always fun even if I’m not a fan of the beers. Ypsi is a cool town, and it’s fun to hang out. Also, I’m OVER THE MOON excited that last week’s heat wave finally broke yesterday. We had four days in the upper 90’s last week, all of which with seemingly 1000 percent humidity. One day, it felt like walking around in a clothes dryer. There were some pretty wicked pop-up storms on Friday night, and on Saturday, the humidity went WAY down. This morning when we went out for an early-morning bike ride, it was a cool 68 degrees. Ah, sweet relief.

Anticipating: While it’s been awesome not being as busy lately, another bout of craziness is due to start soon. After next weekend, my parents come up for a weekend visit. In mid-August, I’ll be traveling up to Traverse City to play roller derby, followed by immediately leaving for a 4-day vacation at Natural Bride State Park in Kentucky. Then in September and October, there’s weddings, my 27th birthday (WTF, how am I getting so old?), roller derby, our 1-year anniversary and hopefully a trip to Chicago Before you know it, it will be Thanksgiving. WTF.


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