Well, this is unfortunate


Where will engineers get their learnin’ on now?

Wayne State University in Detroit, where I’m currently working on my Masters in Library and Information Science, announced the other day that due to severe budget cuts, they’ll be closing one of their, well, libraries. The university will be closing their Science and Engineering Library beginning Aug. 1.

 According to the official library system’s website, the SEL Library has seen a decline in the library’s usage in recent years. The site is reporting a 50 percent decline in computer logons since 2008.

– The South End Weekly

When I told Joel, he mentioned this that will be a big blow to the school’s engineering program, but as a MLIS student hoping to work in a university library someday, the news is particularly disturbing.

But then, I guess it just goes along with the BIG NEWS EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT news that, omg, Detroit is officially bankrupt. Rut roh. I guess this means even more people will be asking me to justify our decision to live in Metro Detroit, and it will be harder to convince them that we don’t live in some post-industrial wasteland. If only we could tell them about today’s idyllic morning bike ride and our locally-sourced hipster brunch. But then again: “You live in Detroit? Oh…” Sigh.


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