‘The age of the library is ending’…?

Besides bad verdicts, hurricanes and too many retired people, here’s yet another reason never to move to Florida:

The news that Miami-Dade Mayor was axing funding for a no-kill program at county animal shelters got worse on Monday when he announced that nearly two dozen local library branches would also be shuttered to avoid a tax increase.

The deep cuts, if passed, mean closing 22 libraries and laying off 251 library employees.

But that’s no big deal, Gimenez conveyed in an interview with Local 10 Wednesday. “People have said that the age of the library is probably ending,” he said.

Huffington Post

I mean, really? Really? Ugh. I have … no words.

Besides the fact that Floridians can’t go to bookstores anymore (“Many have taken the recent closing of Barnes and Noble…as an omen, a portentous sign that the city is somehow culturally headed in the wrong direction.”), I do like this point from the Huffington Post:

Libraries also serve as free Internet centers, a very important service considering Gov. Rick Scott recently required that all Florida unemployment recipients apply online.

Not to mention the fact that Miami’s unemployed (that rate hovering just under 10 percent) just might need that free Internet to find a new job online.

D’oy. I like this from @DeadWhiteGuys: “Florida and Texas should start their own country and call it AynRandlia.”

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