Sunday Update: July 7, 2013

Time: 4:47 pm

Place: In my office, which is alternating between being the warmest places in the house, to the coldest because of the newly-functioning air conditioning vent RIGHT UNDERNEATH MY DESK OMG FREEZING LEGS. Don’t tell my husband, but I have to open the window to regulate the temperatures in here.

Eating: On the menu tonight: bacon cheeseburgers and homemade onion rings! With a firecracker on top! This is our 4th of July meal, since I was working nights all week.

Drinking: After dinner, I need to walk down to the gas station to buy a Dr. Pepper for some pulled pork tomorrow. I’m thinking of picking up … a slushie dessert? Perhaps.

Reading: Currently a good way into The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers, and I’m enjoying myself so far. Hoping I can make use of the rest of this day off and get in some good leisure reading time. Of course, there is also school reading to be done tonight. Blah.

Watching: Not much lately, to be honest. I believe Joel and I plan to watch North by Northwest tonight. It’s the first movie we’ve rented together since THE TERRIBLY BUSY MONTH OF JUNE. Thank God that’s over.

Studying: Ah July and the winding down of my first semester of graduate school. I have one more major assignment in my computer class, and an e-portfolio to turn in during finals week for my other course, but other than that, July is pretty quiet. Not as bananas as June, where there was a different major assignment due every week. I’m hyperventilating just thinking about it.

Homemaking: With the return of sanity comes a return to some normal home-like routines, like making breakfast bars last weekend and getting back into the rhythm of our weekly cleaning schedule (today we cleaned the basement, gross). This is also Joel’s birthday week, so I have a yummy dessert on the brain…

Excited About: Going back to roller derby practice this week. With all that was happening in June, whatever was flexible in my life had to give. I barely made practices in June, though I did bout once. However, I knew I was exhausted when I realized I wouldn’t be able to do my annual skills test during the last week in June – I was sure I’d be able to pass, but I wanted to earn a good score and I knew I was rusty. Now, it’s time to strap on those skates and get back on the track. I’ve missed it.

Annoyed About: So many things, including 1) a $650 car repair bill to get my 9-year-old Malibu “working right” again; 2) a stupidly-long defensive driving course I have to take to get my speeding ticket erased from my record; 3) a patch of poison ivy on both ankles that just won’t go away!; and 4) frustrating management shifts at the bookstore where EVERYTHING that could go wrong, does.

Anticipating: Joel’s birthday! Woo! My husband is turning 26, and so we’re both taking Friday off and making a quick little overnight trip to Grand Rapids. I’ve been once for roller derby and it’s only 3-4 hours away, so we thought, why not? Plus, it makes up for the fact that I have to working the closing shift ON Joel’s birthday. Joel wants to hit up the Founders brewery, and I keep hearing good things about the Frederik Meyer Gardens and Sculpture Park. Plus, how can you hate a city that puts together an insanely involved tourism video like this:


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