Monday Notes: May 20

Time7:40 a.m.

Place: In my bed, in my PJ’s: my typical Monday-morning set-up

Eating: Not sure yet. I’m thinking of making the best breakfast bars ever this morning, since we bought the stuff for them this weekend. I could also eat one of these cookies for breakfast, because I made them as well. Choices…

Drinking: Probably just water today. Had some adult beverages yesterday afternoon, then went to roller derby practice, which probably wasn’t the best idea.

Watching: I’m going to try to make time and watch some DVDs I rented from the library last week: Ken Burns’ National Parks. I’ve never actually watched a Ken Burns documentary before, and I’ve always wanted to watch his National Parks series. Unfortunately, when I say I never watch TV, I really mean it. Maybe I’ll put it on while I work on school stuff today.

Reading: I finished The Reader by Bernhard Schlink yesterday during Joel’s band concert (What? What else is one supposed to do during an outdoor band concert in which I’m sitting off by myself?). I need to write a review of that soon, and now I’m sorta stuck with reading material for the rest of the month. My official Spring 2013 Reading List doesn’t end until the end of this month, but I’m not sure if I have any short books hanging around that I could finish by the end of the month. Oh well, I’ll find something.

Studying: This week is going to be a bit more challenging with schoolwork. Last week, my schedule was pretty awesome: off on Tuesday, and close on Thursday and Friday, giving me lots of time to get reading and homework done during the day. I even finished all my reading  for this week by Friday, meaning I actually got to spend my weekend off being truly OFF. This week, I’m off tomorrow and am obviously closing today, but I’m working during the day the rest of the week. We’ll see.

Tweeting: Love this Summer Reading Flowchart, as originally tweeted by my town library.

Homemaking: Did I mention the breakfast bars? Yum, breakfast bars. I also need to make my way to the tailor this week and get my bridesmaid dress hemmed before my friend Kim’s wedding in June. Oh, money I can’t spend…why do you find ways to disappear?

Excited About: Joel and I have tickets for a Of Monsters and Men concert at the end of this month, and in June, we’re planning on seeing Metric in downtown Detroit as well … !! So excited. Metric came to Detroit a few weeks before our wedding last year and with everything going on, we just couldn’t make it. I’m so excited we’re making it work this year.

Anticipating: June (and not in a good way). Just like last year, my June is jam-packed with weddings, bachelorette parties, roller derby bouts and now, papers to write, projects and manager shifts to prepare for. I kind of need next month to be over.


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