Monday Notes: May 13

Time: 8:30 (2)

Place: Laying in bed, still in PJs…hey, just like last week! Closing shifts on Mondays rock!

Eating: On Saturday, Joel and I tackled a Pinterest idea and it turned out AMAZING: homemade cheez-its. So, so good and really easy. I’m hoping to post the recipe up at A Homebody sometime this week.

Drinking: Nuthin’ but water yet although I feel like I have been spoiling myself with Starbucks lately. Should probably … not do that.

Watching: Joel and I borrowed a few movies from our library this week, including ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service,’ a Hayao Miyazaki film, and it was SO CUTE. I just love all of Miyazaki’s films; they make me so happy. Who would have thought I’d be saying that about classic anime?

Reading: Still reading We Were the Mulvaney’s by Joyce Carol Oates, although last night I was able to devote some serious reading time to it, and now I’m only 20 or so pages til the end. Depending on when my lectures are posted today, and how soon I can watch them, I might be able to read some more before 4, when I gotta go to work.

Studying: This week, it’s all about the “history of libraries” in one of my introductory courses, while last Friday night, I read a tedious chapter on everything that goes into making a computer work for my computer course, from RAM to ROM and ouch, so many acronyms. I had bought my computer book used on Amazon, but now I have to return it because it doesn’t have the CD I need…wah wah. This week should be easier for getting my coursework done, however; last week, I worked every day, Monday-Friday. This week, I have tomorrow and Wednesday off, so I won’t be spending every night after work on homework. Hopefully.

Tweeting: In honor of his newest book, coming out tomorrow, Dan Brown’s 20 worst sentences.

Homemaking: Besides the amazing-in-your-face-homemade-cheez-its, I’m also planning on baking some cookies this week like a boss. Dark chocolate cookies with caramel in the middle. Yummmm. I haven’t made cookies in a long time – I think it’s time.

Excited about: Joel finishing his first duathalon in less than an hour and a half on Saturday! Hooray!

Anticipating: Well, there’s this whole dentist appointment thing on Thursday … gross. Also, I received my first speeding ticket on Saturday (ugh – let’s not even talk about it) and I need to figure that shit out sometime soon.

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