Monday Notes: April 15, 2013

Time: 8:30 a.m.

Place: On the couch because my office is a MESS and my computer is downstairs. I work the closing shift at work today so it feels like I’m “off” until about 3 pm, when I need to start getting ready “for the day.” You know, sometimes retail isn’t all that bad. That being said, Saturday was my first day off in seven days and I don’t get another until tomorrow. Can’t. Wait.

Eating: Nothing yet since I got up about half an hour ago, but we’ve got plenty of yummy leftovers stashed in our fridge, including some cauliflower and cheddar soup I made on Friday night. Yummmm.

Drinking: Nothing yet either, though it will probably be water. This week, I’m officially starting my regular workout routine again after a few weeks’ hiatus. It’s time to get healthy again.

Watching: Per my new workout routine, I hope to do some running (OUTSIDE, if Michigan will ever decide to be spring) as well as some indoor biking using my new road bike and Joel’s bike trainer. Joel likes to watch episodes of Futurama while he rides but I think I’ll be starting the seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, starting tomorrow, since I haven’t watched them in forevers.

Reading: I started reading Notes from Underground last week, got a few pages in, and then realized I wouldn’t have the time and energy to really focus on Dostoyevsky while I’m still exhausted from the store opening. So I actually made it to the library and picked up The Feminine Mystique, which is perfect for the kind of reading mood I’m in right now. It was next on my schedule anyway, and I’ve been wanting to read it for a long, long time.

Tweeting: You know, when you actually have a real job that requires you to be out and about among real people all day, thus limiting your daily Internet time, AND you don’t have a smartphone anymore, it really limits your Twitter time. That being said, it’s National Library Week so make sure you go read a banned book today! On top of the banned books list this year is … Captain Underpants?

Homemaking: Now that my “weekends” are a bit more scattered throughout the week and not really on the weekends anymore, I have to start shifting my “homemaking” routine, which I’m thinking might not be such a bad thing. Joel is helping out a lot on the weekends when I’m at work (it’s retail … you ALWAYS work on the weekend), and I plan on moving the big ticket cleaning items to my regular days off – like tomorrow! I’m also really antsy to sweep off my back patio, bring up the cushions for the patio furniture and get some pretty flowers and herbs planted. But there’s this whole “Michigan spring” I’m dealing with, which has meant snow flurries the past few days. But hey, the weatherman said it might reach a whopping 70 degrees today! Watch out!

Excited about: Probably my two days off tomorrow and Wednesday, haha. But no, I have lots of fun/exciting things lined up this week: Friday is my new student orientation for the MLIS program at Wayne State, which will be an all-day affair of learning about what I’ll be devoting myself to for the next two years, plus meeting the people who will hopefully become my colleagues and friends. Then, I play more roller derby on Saturday, though I’m still sore from our bout this past weekend. Fun fact: my team won and I scored the most points for my team, thanks to an awesome 20-point power jam!

Anticipating: Still anxious to see how work turns out. I mean, I’m really happy there and I’m having fun, so no worries there. But there’s the potential for some small promotions and I’m trying very hard to impress the boss ladies to prove I’m an awesome bookseller. The days have been tiring though: I’m one of the few completely trained on the register so I’ve been stuck with 5+-hour register shifts during the very busy four days we’ve been open. My feet and mouth (which has to tell every customer about our various promotions) are tired. For about an hour after I get home, I have to sit in silence and not smile, just to reset myself.


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