Breaking my rule about resolutions, for a second year

Last year, I made a point to note that I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. And I still don’t.

However, last January, I made a list of “goals” for myself and 2012. And as I was browsing through some old blog posts tonight, I stumbled across this list of resolutions, and I felt the need to update them and share my goals for 2013.

NOTE: This is one of the few times I’m going to let myself stray into the personal on Paperback Fool. If you read this blog at all, you might notice the shift from the personal to strictly reviews and other book-related bits I either have an opinion about, or want to store somewhere for later perusal. I’m still following this philosophy, but this will be my exception.

First, a look back at my “resolutions” for 2012:

  • Get up earlier: Um, I sorta do this. I tend to wake up by 8 a.m. on the weekends now, but I also tend to get up at the same time during the week as well. Even though my alarms are set for 6:30 and 7. Oops? Yeah, I gotta work on this.
  • Start composting: Totally did not do this last year, and I really don’t think we will while we’re still living in this townhouse. Plus, I don’t know what we’d do with the compost anyway. I still feel bad throwing away food, but I do plan on being more conscious of this when we move to a bigger, more permanent space.
  • Enjoy more “electronic peace and quiet”: I like to think that I’ve done this. I’m still on the computer a lot (look at me now!), but the longer I do this job, the more fed up I become with my computer, the Internet…everything. So shutting up my computer in the office and ignoring it for the night is always the goal. Of course, we have our weak moments. I also discovered Pinterest this year, and have jumped on and off the Twitter bandwagon a few times (current status: on). So I have more things to do once Facebook becomes boring. But it’s a continuous goal.
  • Ride my bike more: We did ride our bikes lots last spring and summer. Of course, we discovered that my beautiful bike is also really heavy and tends to tire me out on long rides. It is thus that Joel has decided we both need new road bikes. Anyway, Joel and I rode a lot last year, including around town, which was our primary goal. Riding my bike to the library, to the coffee shop, to the park…Happy about that one.
  • Pull off this wedding: I haven’t spoken much here about how our wedding/honeymoon went off (see earlier note about being less personal), but I can say we DID pull it off. Oh, and it was amazing. Like, the greatest wedding ever.
  • Read more books than 2011: According to my records, I read 31 books in 2011 — man, that’s really sad. And I didn’t write reviews for half the year, geez. In 2012, I read … oooooh, 32. So yes. I did reach this goal, but only by a hair. I’m really surprised I didn’t read more than 32 last year; I felt my reading pace really quickened. Ah well, I guess I can only blame the wedding/honeymoon. And let’s not forget Les Miserables. That took a good two months. Damn you Victor Hugo.
  • Take my damn vitamins: This is one resolution I definitely fulfilled. Gummy vitamins for the win! I even take my calcium supplements on a daily basis now. I’m so healthy.
  • Start working out on a daily basis: While I won’t say that I worked out all 365 days last year, I can actually chalk this resolution up as as a success because damn it, I was in the best shape since high school in 2012. I won’t say I am now because I’m still recovering from the holidays and I ate a piece of cake. But the roller derby workout has been working great, I actually ran on a consistent basis during the spring and summer, and I’ve now integrated weights into my weekly workout to tone my arms. And let’s not forget the unforgiving workout that is playing roller derby — and I did that a lot last year.

And now onto 2013. First, I haven’t made an official list of “resolutions” like I did last year — I did something different. About halfway through last year, I was in a particularly low, stressful spot, and felt completely overwhelmed by everything I needed to do. So I forced myself to stop, and write it all down, and what evolved was a strange motivational tool/perspective-keeper/to-do list that I kept tacked to the back of my office door all year.

I made another for 2013 the other day, and I’d thought I’d share. First, I begin by listing “Who Am I?” From a wife to a friend to a skater to a reader, these are the words that define my identity and remind me what’s really important when things start getting stressful.

Then, I list who I want to be and things I want to do, and I guess this is as close to a real “resolution” as you’re going to get. While there’s two I won’t list (for reasons I’ll share another time), mine are:

  • Cyclist
  • Gardener
  • Really good skater
  • Good cook
  • In the best shape possible
  • Get back into hiking
  • Camper
  • Sustainable
  • Well-traveled

These are things that I may not necessarily achieve in 2013, but they are things I currently want to strive for. I may add to this list whenever I want.

I also include a section labeled “What Am I Doing?”, where I list all my responsibilities so that they’re less scary and overwhelming, and forced into submission via ordered list. I won’t bore you with those.

And finally, there’s the big to do list. Highlights from that list include:

  • Change my name (God I gotta get on this)
  • Buy my bridesmaids dress for Kim’s wedding, and just be as awesome as a bridesmaid as she was for me
  • Plan some summer time camping trips
  • Plan a trip to Disney World (SO excited about this one. Did you know I’ve never been?)
  • Be there for my best friend when she has her first baby in the summer (! – seriously, how am I old enough for this?)
  • Save money for a house and a new car
  • Make time for reading and update this blog with every book

See, I even made room for Paperback Fool in my list of goals. Anyway, this is way more talking about myself than I really want to do, so I’ll stop here. Hopefully I’ll be able to look back on this blog post in another year and enjoy just as many happy reflections about the year gone past.


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