Look! A blog post!

Hi friends! Look at me — I’m blogging again!

First, a note about where I’ve been

I’ve been getting married! Then galavanting around Europe! Then, catching up with two and a half weeks worth of stories I’ve missed, and working like mad trying to compensate.

Joel has posted our honeymoon pictures on Facebook, and I’ll try to create a mini-narration of our trip using some of those pictures. But that may wait until the weekend. It’s Halloween, and there is Ghost Hunter re-runs to watch.

Speaking of Halloween…

I dressed up this year! In costume!

I’m Fionna from Adventure Time, and at the one party we attended, no one got it. Wah wah. At least I have a costume for an upcoming Comic Con (my friend Brooke is Marceline the Vampire Queen this Halloween, so we’ll be a set).

As for Halloween night, we don’t get trick-or-treaters, but I’m still hanging out in my bunny hat and PJs. Just chilling.

The shopping never stops

Right up until two days before our wedding, I was still pissing and moaning about how much money I had spent on that damn party, whining “I’m so tired of shopping for wedding stuff!”

Now that we’re back and all the wedding presents are put away, we’re chipping away at the list of gifts we DIDN’T get, which means one thing: more shopping. So far, we’ve only bought a mattress pad, which makes our bed feel like a giant marshmallow and I never want to get up in the mornings anymore. Next up is the remainder of our plates/bowls and such. We only received four place settings, which is a little awkward.

Still need to write a review

I have yet to write a review of Fast Food Nation, which I finished last month before the wedding. Truth by told, who knows what that review will look like, it’s been that long. I’ll probably end up writing a mini review, or be very vague.

Page 800ish out of 1,400ish

If you’re wondering, I’m still neck-deep in Les Miserables…somewhere around page 800 of a 1,400 page novel. Yikes. There’s a lot of reasons for the delay: the fact that I was getting married and on my honeymoon for two weeks; the fact that Les Mis is incredibly dense at times; it’s really, really long. I had some long stretches to read, particularly during our seven- and nine-hour flights over the Atlantic, however there’s only so much Les Mis I can take at one time. After 20 pages of so, I gotta take a break. I’ll finish it…eventually. Who knows! This might be a season-long read.

Speaking of Les Mis, I have the evening at home by myself, so I’m going to spend that time cuddling on the couch with the kitties, wearing my Fionna hat, sipping apple cider and reading. And mayyyybe eating Reese’s chocolate pumpkins. Maybe.


One thought on “Look! A blog post!

  1. Welcome back. I’ve missed your posts. I heard about the song you chose to dance with your dad at the reception. Excellent choice. Good luck with Les Miserables, I’ll stick with the broadway show.

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