Sometimes your soul needs this

Sometimes, you just need sit and watch the sun set from your bedroom window. For nearly 15 minutes. My shitty camera-taking-a-picture-through-a-dirty-window doesn’t show this, but that bright spot near the tree line was actually the most striking shade of turquoise I’ve seen in the sky this late at night.

I love moments like these because for the time they exist, it doesn’t matter where you are, what’s going on at work, the status of your personal life, or even what you’re wearing (PJ-pants and an old tank top … I was feeling pretty crappy last night). It doesn’t matter because you realize this is all that’s important. Moments like these. Feeling like this.

While I was watching the sun set, three girls rode their bikes through my parking lot toward the sidewalk. One girl asked the other two to stop as she pulled out her phone to take a picture. The other two chatted loudly for awhile, then rode off without the first girl. I felt bad for them.

This isn’t about finding religion or God in the sky. It’s about finding happiness, and the ability to appreciate beauty. I pity those who can’t see that for themselves.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes your soul needs this

  1. *sigh* My absolute favourite thing is when it’s sort of twilight-y and the trees are all silhouetted against the sky- I can never seem to capture it properly, but your pictures do that- so thanks for sharing them and the beautiful words.

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