Sorry folks, behind in blogging

So I’m behind in blogging; I get it. Here’s my excuses:

  • June is the most awful, most terrible, busiest month ever (after last month, of course)
  • It’s Thursday now and I’m in a wedding tomorrow. In Cincinnati. To make this happen, I had to finish seven days worth of work in three days.
  • After this weekend, we’re heading down to Cleveland for ANOTHER high school friend’s wedding.
  • Here was my yesterday: WORKWORKWORK. Lunch with Joel (only time I see Joel all day). WORKWORKWORK. PACKPACKPACK. Cover event. WRITESTORYREALLYFAST. Roller derby practice. Begin the five-hour drive to Cincinnati at 9 p.m. Get home at 1:30 a.m.

So sorry about all that. Just to let you know, I did finish The Gunslinger. And I’m about three-quarters of the way through The Drawing of the Three. Sooo hopefully I’ll get that review up soon … or maybe two reviews. We’ll see.

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