Anthropologie’s spotlight on women farmers

I’m love this spotlight on women farmers from Anthropologie Magazine. While I don’t know whether I could do it, I love reading about these modern homesteading efforts and how so many who live this life describe the joy of “living according to one’s ethics.”

Also I worked for four summers at a place like Silverlake Farms in high school and I can’t tell you what I miss more: the smell of warm dirt, the peaceful mornings or the fields of flowers. I’ll pass on the minimum wage now, but I was 16 at the time, so it’s all OK.


One thought on “Anthropologie’s spotlight on women farmers

  1. I love both of these videos. I have a friend who has a sheep farm for fiber in WA state. She also raises hens for eggs, veggies among many other items. Whenever I visit Ananda Hills Farm I have a true appreciation of where my food comes from and what it takes to produce it. I also love volunteering when I can at Gorman Heritage Farm in Evendale, OH. The next time you visit to the area I can get some guest passes for you. Thanks for posting this.

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