Embarking on a re-reading project

Summer is a good time to re-read books, especially your favorite books. As my spring reading list comes to an end, and “summer” officially begins (though, as I write this, it’s pretty chilly outside and feels more like fall), I think now is a good time to embark on a re-reading adventure.

The choice is always “what book” or “what series,” but that choice was made easy this summer with Stephen King’s recent release of the new Dark Tower novel, The Wind Through the Keyhole. Taking place between books four and five, The Wind Through the Keyhole is supposedly a story King always meant to write. But as dedicated readers of King know, the Tower series has always put up a fight, so I’m really anxious to know what King managed to find for us.

In order to get to that point, however, I’ve decided to re-read all seven (now eight) books from the beginning. I’m pretty excited as I rediscover the world of Roland, since it’s been so long. If only some filmmaker was able to muster up the fundraising and gusto to put these books on the screen — that would be interesting.

Also, dad, if you’re reading this: I still think you should read The Dark Tower series! Fantasty + westerns = it’s right up your alley. It’s all a matter of pushing your way through the first book. Believe, it does make sense. So much sense, it just might blow your mind.


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