PF Works: A look into this fool’s office

I’m a big fan of design blogs like Design*Sponge, so I’ve been thinking of taking some snapshots of my own workspace for some time now. Working from home as I do, a proper home office is absolutely critical. I’ve taken a lot of time putting together my little office and I’m really happy with it.

My desk sits up against a wall of windows overlooking my complex’s shared backyard, featuring quite a few tall and leafy trees. Plus, even though it’s the warmest room in the house, it’s also the most peaceful. You almost can’t hear Woodward Avenue less than 100 feet away!

I move from the desk to this bowl chair (which I’ve had since I was in 7th grade) almost every day. It’s where I do my best writing, if I say so myself.

I love my Ikea-orange file organizer. And I actually got that pink silhouette from a Patch conference in Chicago … free booze, work vacation, a stay in the ridiculously expensive Trump hotel — those were the days.

Look ma — we graduated! More than three years after I graduated, I’m happy to say the diploma is finally framed.

And I get bored with the upstairs office, I can just pop down to our combo dining and living room, open the backdoor and just stare outside. Sometimes I wish we had a real house, with a real backyard, but otherwise, our little townhouse can be pretty peaceful.


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