Back from the dead

About a year ago, I stopped using Twitter. After maintaining @LauraHouser for about two years — and becoming thoroughly engrossed by it — I began to abandon the Twitter-sphere after a few folks in my new professional life began commenting on some personal tweets. A little confused about how to balance a personal Twitter account with a professional life that was becoming increasingly public, I put a stopper on the tweets.

Last week, however, a friend messaged me to let me know my Twitter account had been hijacked by some spammers. I fixed the problem because it was still my name, but while I was there, dare I say I began to feel slightly nostalgic for the old Twitter life. I posted a hell of a lot less to Facebook when I tweeted, which is probably a good thing. And you just can’t beat all those fun links … I could spend HOURS just clicking and reading. I also feel that I’ve become seriously disconnected with the literary and book world since giving up Twitter; I mean, I know you can only do so much but that was once such a huge part of my life.

In that spirit, and because I’m feeling I need something *fun* to distract me from the madness that is my life these days, I’m thinking of bringing the old Twitter account back from the dead. Now if only I can remember to tweet — when I was on forced Twitter withdrawal last summer, I couldn’t stop thinking: “Hey this would be a good thing to tweet about.” Now, I’ll go an entire day and not think about tweeting at all: “Wait, reading in the car while getting my oil changed is a good Twitter-tunity? Wish I would have thought of that earlier.”

And so follow me … if you want at @LauraHouser. Hmm, should I change that picture? My glasses are now way cooler.

Now to put away Facebooking, tweeting and blogging for the rest of the night … some friends of ours is dropping off their perfectly adorable but very energetic 6-year-old for a night of babysitting while they go to a BB King concert. Considering I haven’t babysat since I was, oh let’s say 16 years old, this should be interesting. I’m thinking Joel and I will be ready to put off children for about 10 years after tonight.


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