Sunday gardening project

So a few months ago, I started my window-sill herb garden again, this time with two mini-pots of parsley and one pot of basil. However, I was most excited about buying a big planter box and planting the excess seeds outside, thereby ensuring that I would have oodles of fresh herbs all season long.

However while my parsley has been doing great, I think I got a bad batch of basil seeds because after sprouting up per usual, all my little seedlings began dying off faster than you say ‘no pesto.’ The planter box-herb garden continued its downward spiral when I had to bring it inside for a few weeks due to low temperatures. The experimental chive garden soon began disappearing because some naughty kitties discovered chives are delicious. Then, I came upstairs one day to find one cat quite content using my poor, struggling herbs as a comfy bed while he basked in the sun.

Moving on, I’m going to continue with my window-sill parsley but I’ve simply bought a mature basil plant and planted it on the back porch. Pesto, pizza, spaghetti … I will have you this sumer:

And I’ve decided to turn the planter box into a coleus box! After years of working at a nursery, this tie-dye-esque annual is one of my favorite plants and looks great spring through fall. Plus, there are no flowers to awkwardly die off on you, making your planter seem rather sad halfway through the season.


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