Slid into some chairs, no biggie

This is what happens when some hard-hitting women send you flying into the penalty box at a bout, during which you slide into three chairs and make the crowd go, “Oooh!”

Thanks fishnet stockings for that great pattern.

My team lost on Saturday night, but it’s always all right when you’re having fun. I was one of three jammers for my team, and that’s all I did; meaning I was very tired by the end of the night. Now onto roller derby-April: a scrimmage against Flint on April 1, an away bout against Mid-Michigan on April 14, and a home bout on April 28. Yeah, this is going to be interesting.

Semi-personal note: I sometimes get overly concerned with “how I’m doing at roller derby.” I didn’t sign on to be a superstar, but I would like to notice some improvement. And I am, but I hate feeling like the weakest jammer out on the floor. At least I am a jammer, I guess that says something. And my teammates feel I’m good enough to play as much as I do. Have I mentioned how much I love my teammates?

OK, enough of my insecurities. DERBY LOVE.


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