Signs of spring

I am so ready for spring. I know that Michigan can slide back to blizzards and below freezing temperatures at any time within the next four weeks, but if this 75 degree weather could stick around (on a consistent basis) these next few months, I wouldn’t have a problem.

This weekend, Joel and I cleaned our patio, washed the grill, brought out the cushions for our patio furniture, scrubbed down the walls and … planted our herbs!

Last year’s kitchen window herb garden was a rousing success, so I am PUMPED to get started again. This year, we’re going heavy on the basil and parsley, since it’s what we use the most in this house (or never; when it comes to flat-leaf parsley — I can never find it at the grocery store). I planted two pots of parsley and one of sweet basil for the window sill. We have plenty of seed packets left over, so I plan on going back to Home Depot tomorrow and picking up a long planter box I can place on our patio. There, I want to plant the remainder of our parsley and basil, and maybe some thyme.

I’m getting the itch to plant some flower pots, but Joel tells me it’s still way too early for that. Le sigh.


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