25 in 5 — check!

I interrupt this terribly stressful, busy week with some good news: which girl was able to complete her 25 in 5 during Bath City’s annual skills testing last night?

This girl.

BTW, I am not skating my 25 in 5 in this picture. In fact, this is not very good skating form at all. And I need to do something about that helmet strap.

To clarify: to play roller derby, you must first pass both a written and skating skills test, proving that yes, you know how to stop, fall, skate correctly, hop, assist other skaters, etc. If you’re new, it can be incredibly nerve-wracking especially if, like me, you had only been skating a month before being tested for the first time (as it happened last July). All skaters are re-tested annually, and this week is Bath’s City testing. Even though I’ve been skating for more than eight months, I was still anxious leading up to the first night of testing last night.

Part of the skills test is the dreaded 25 in 5: all skaters must be able to skate 25 laps in 5 minutes. This is a test of your speed, endurance and skating form and sometimes even the most experienced skaters can’t bust it out. When I first tested in July, I missed it by 8 seconds and it’s been bugging me every since.

But last night I skated 28 and a half laps in 5 minutes — YES! Seriously, this has made my Thursday 10 times better and maybe — just maybe — helped improve this terrible week.

Next goal: make it 30 laps in 5 minutes.


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