When it rains…

Well, you know what they say. This is why this week sucks:

  • Joel working doubles (8 am-midnight) THREE full days this week
  • A three-hour work meeting that put me behind for the majority of Wednesday
  • Covering a city commission meeting until long past midnight Monday
  • Staying up until midnight Tuesday putting together MEAP charts
  • My car’s brakes deciding to crap out on me Wednesday morning, right after we dropped off Joel’s car at the shop
  • A $753 car repair bill, including:
    • Four new brakes
    • A new serpentine belt
    • An alignment
    • An oil change
    • A new antenna (did you know they cost $75?!)
  • Being told that I need two new front tires
  • Two new front tires cost an additional $200
  • Blowing a fuse Thursday morning and having no power in half the apartment
  • Begging co-workers who live nearby to drive me to the Kroger pharmacy, so I can refill a prescription
  • Missing roller derby practice because of a) no car, b) massive stress headache and c) being behind in work

Good things about this week:

  • Valentine’s Day sugar cookies + bicycle necklace + red and white polka dotted dress
  • Making Joel chocolate-dipped pound cake and pretzels for Valentine’s Day and eating them myself
  • The parents are coming up for a special weekend visit
  • They’re making me crab cakes

I gots the best fiance. Evers.

I think tonight is a good night for wine, crappy food and catching up in The Blind Assassin.

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