Going to see My. Favorite. Band. Of. All. Time.

This is seriously my favorite band, and it has been for years and years and years …

Now I’m finally seeing The Shins live at The Fillmore Detroit. June 6. I’m so PUMPED.

Seriously though, The Shins have been there providing the soundtrack to my life for part of high school, all of college and now the beginnings of my young adult life. They were my first introduction to the world of real good music. I still buy physical copies of their CDs. I listened to them countless times on my iPod trudging to class at Miami. ‘Wincing the Night Away’ is still in my car somewhere, left there after listening through it dozens of time during the drive to and from the Dayton Daily News. They’re there for me when I’m moody, introspective and happy.

And this is one of those songs that always leaves me dancing:


2 thoughts on “Going to see My. Favorite. Band. Of. All. Time.

  1. Yeah, I first something about their new tour on Tristan’s Facebook! 🙂 You guys = Colorado. Me = Michigan. The Shins = awesome no matter where you are.

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