When you need inspiration, roller derby is there

I think everyone needs to feel inspired and pumped on Wednesday mornings. And if not on Wednesday mornings, I am always seeking for confidence boosters before any major life-moments: interviewing for a job, roller derby bouts, covering a major story, etc.

Ever since I began playing roller derby more than EIGHT months ago (that I can NOT believe), I’ve found that the music oftentimes associated with the sport is my new go-to for inspirational tunes. Nothing like some good old fashioned girl (and boy) rock.

And even though we had a long Facebook discussion one week over why this song is kind of racist (or something) and shouldn’t be used as a skate-out song, I can’t help but love it, especially when I’m on the Bathtub Betties team:

And for some reason, this song will always be associated with derby to me:


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