Dear Pioneer Woman: can I be your friend?

I’ve said for awhile that I want to be Ina Garten’s  — of Barefoot Contessa fame — friend. Besides being slavishly addicted to her show on the Food Network, I also love that she a) makes delicious food, b) lives in a beautiful house in the Hamptons, c) does tons of freakishly nice things for her friends, like decorate their houses for Christmas or make their family a feast for no reason. Many times, I’ve contemplated a career change; is Ina in need of a new personal assistant? One that doesn’t mind eating or keeping her company while Jeffrey is away?

Now, I have to add a new BFF to my list of imaginary BFF’s: Ree Drummond, aka, the Pioneer Woman. While I have not yet stalked Ree online and learned her history, she writes a super-popular blog that covers everything from cooking, being married to the Marlboro Man, living on a ranch, eating steaks, basset hounds, photography, homeschooling and … fake eyelashes?

Anyway, I think I need to be her friend if only because she made this:

Apparently, according to Ree, if I make these spicy whiskey barbeque sliders for a New Years Eve gathering, I would be expected to have a New Years Eve gathering every year for eternity because they are THAT good. Yeah, I need to be this woman’s friend.


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